Gems of Tunapuna

🌟 Nicolette Osborne: A Trailblazer with a Passion for Justice 🌟

N.O gems of tunapuna

Meet Nicolette Osborne, a vibrant and inspiring young individual from Tunapuna. She is a shining example of academic excellence, athletic prowess, and a deep commitment to her community. At just 23 years old, Nicolette is pursuing her dream of studying Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of the West Indies, displaying unmatched dedication and a thirst for knowledge. Nicolette's journey began at St. Charles High School, where her love for learning blossomed. With unwavering determination, she graduated with flying colors from St. Augustine Community College, achieving the remarkable feat of securing all seven passes. Beyond academics, Nicolette excels as a national netball player, astounding spectators with her exceptional skills on the court. But her drive extends beyond personal achievements. Serving as the Chair of the Tunapuna Youth Desk, Nicolette uplifts young individuals through empowerment and education. Her tireless efforts create opportunities for growth, inspiring others to dream big and reach for the stars. Nicolette thrives under pressure, effortlessly managing her responsibilities with determination and grace. Her ultimate goal is to become a renowned Criminal Lawyer, fighting tirelessly for justice and defending the rights of the vulnerable. Nicolette aims to leave a lasting impact while serving as a positive role model, inspiring others to believe in their potential. Nicolette Osborne's biography is a captivating tale of an extraordinary young woman who refuses to settle for mediocrity. Her commitment to education, athletic abilities, and dedication to community service make her a force to be reckoned with. As she forges her path towards a bright future, Nicolette leaves an indelible mark on those she encounters, changing lives for the better. πŸ’ͺ #gemsoftunapuna

🌟 Denzel Headley: A Passion For Music🌟


Denzel Headley is a talented musician specializing in percussion, drumming, and steelpan instruments. He is currently a B.A. student at UWI in Trinidad & Tobago. Denzel is involved in various ensembles at UWI, including the Steel Arts Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Arts Jazz Ensemble. He is also the drummer for Nailah Blackman's band, "SOKAH," and works as an arranger for TIPICA Steel Orchestra.

Denzel has gained recognition for his musical arrangements, particularly with the steel orchestra at Bishop Anstey Trinity College, which achieved 2nd and 3rd place in separate school Panorama competitions. The orchestra also won the Music Festival under his guidance. In 2017 and 2018, he collaborated with his father, Harold Headley, to co-arrange for TIPICA Steel Orchestra.

His talent has been acknowledged by a range of artists, including Machel Montano, Kes, Shenseea, and Calypso Rose, among others. Denzel has accompanied them as a skilled percussionist and drummer. He has showcased his musical abilities both locally and internationally, performing in countries such as St. Lucia, Belize, Panama, Mexico, and New York.

Throughout the past decade, Denzel has demonstrated his proficiency with various steel orchestras, including Starlift Steel Orchestra, Tipica Steel Orchestra, Angel Harps Steel Orchestra, and birdsong Steel Orchestra, among others. He has showcased his talents with these ensembles, contributing to their musical success.