Ministry of Sports and SPORTT for our Youth

Building Strong Foundations


Minister Shamfa Cudjoe firmly believes that nurturing sporting talent starts from a young age. To this end, she has championed the implementation of programs that encourage youth participation in sports across communities, schools, and clubs. By engaging young individuals early on, the Minister and SPORTT aim to create a strong foundation for lifelong involvement in sports, paving the way for future athletes to excel on national and international stages.

A key aspect of Minister Cudjoe's sporting motivation strategy lies in grassroots development. Recognizing the importance of identifying and nurturing talent at the grassroots level, she has spearheaded initiatives that focus on talent identification and development programs. Through collaborations with schools and local sports organizations, talented young athletes are given the opportunity to receive specialized coaching, training, and support, enabling them to reach their full potential.


The Minister and SPORTT strongly believe in providing inclusive opportunities for all young individuals, irrespective of their background or physical abilities. They are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that sports remain accessible to every child in Trinidad and Tobago. Through the establishment of partnerships with disability sports organizations, they have paved the way for the integration of para-sports, creating platforms for young athletes with disabilities to showcase their talents and compete at national and international levels.

To cultivate a thriving sports culture, Minister Shamfa Cudjoe and SPORTT have embarked on extensive public awareness campaigns, showcasing the achievements and stories of local sports heroes. By highlighting the triumphs, sacrifices, and dedication of these role models, they inspire the youth to dream big and pursue sporting excellence. Additionally, sports festivals, competitions, and community-based events have been organized to engage young athletes and foster a sense of camaraderie, encouraging them to participate actively in various sports.


Minister Shamfa Cudjoe's unwavering commitment to promoting sporting motivation among the youth, combined with the efforts of SPORTT, has created a dynamic and inclusive environment for young athletes in Trinidad and Tobago. Through their collective initiatives, they have laid the groundwork for a future generation of sports stars who will proudly represent the nation on both regional and global platforms. By fostering a culture of sporting excellence, personal growth, and inclusivity, Minister Cudjoe