Paving the Way for Progress: Tunapuna Gears Up for Groundbreaking Initiatives in 2024


The phrase "get onBOARD" encapsulates a spirit of unity, collaboration, and active participation in shaping the future of Tunapuna. It's a call for every member of our vibrant community to come together, contribute their ideas, and actively engage in the groundwork for the positive changes we envision.


The groundwork for 2024 involves laying the foundations for transformative projects that will enhance the quality of life for Tunapuna residents. This includes infrastructure developments, community programs, and initiatives that address the evolving needs and aspirations of our diverse community.At the heart of this effort is the recognition that community input is invaluable. Tunapuna is a mosaic of voices, perspectives, and talents, and each resident has a role to play in shaping our shared future. The groundswell of ideas and opinions will be the driving force behind the initiatives that unfold in the coming year.